Wolves News · Red Wolves Athletics Move to Phase II

Walden Grove Red Wolves Athletics announced on Friday that all fall sports programs will be moving towards Phase II starting Monday, Sept. 14.  More specifically, athletes that have been in Phase 1 for the past few weeks in football will move to Phase II, while incoming freshman will begin in Phase I on Monday.  All levels of Volleyball will be in Phase II as they begin tryouts.  Volleyball will be able to utilize a hybrid model in the gym, splitting practice time between outside tennis courts and courts set up in the main and auxiliary gyms.  Cheer and Dance teams will be able to practice as an entire squad and can use poms and/or other props, but will not stunt.  All routines will be with all athletes socially distanced.  Golf, Swim and Cross Country teams are eligible to compete at this time either virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid competition format.  Here are all the protocols associated with Phase II:

  • All Phases follow County and State guidelines
  • High risk coaches and athletes can and should not attend Phase II
  • Hybrid use of gym will be used during this phase. (No more than 45 minutes in the gym during 2 hour session)
  • No Locker room use at all, athletes need to come to practice dressed out for activity.
  • Masks will be worn as tolerated by the activity.
  • All Coaches will be masked throughout all activity.
  • All temperatures and screening interviews will be documented and submitted to the Athletic Director daily.
  • Balls may be passed between participants
  • Practice equipment can be used within groups. All equipment and balls must be cleaned after use of groups.  Cleaned between use of athletes preferred.
  • No contact or one-on-one competitive drills
  • Groups not to exceed 25 participants, multiple groups allowed as space (may be reduced based on space limitations)
  • Social distancing in effect whenever possible
  • No sharing of water or personal equipment
  • Practice times should be set to maximize social distancing
  • Maximum of 2 hours per day with each athlete
  • Phase II will last 5 days
  • Swim, Golf, and Cross Country can begin interscholastic competitions (Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid)
  • Cheer and Dance can use poms and/or any other prop, but no stunting.  All routines are done with socially distancing standards

Updated schedules for all sports will be updated and will be published on Facebook and on GroveAthletics.com in the upcoming weeks.  All student-athletes should be in contact with their coaches on all specific practice and meeting times for Phase II.  Go Red Wolves!